• Fuel For Food

A proper balance of nutrients is critical for normal brain development. Help Cross-stitch provide the needed protein for our Orphan Homes in India and our schools in Peru.  Fuel for Faith.

Orphans enjoy chicken curry at St. Peter’s Lutheran, Hyderabad. Made possible with your generous 2018 donations to Cross- stitch.

Cross-stitch is the members of the ELS being “stitched together” to support unbudgeted Home and Foreign Mission projects.

Missionaries along with the Board for World Outreach-BWO, (Pastor Tom Heyn, World Outreach Administer) and the Board for Home Outreach-BHO (Pastor Larry Wentzlaff, Evangelism Mission Counselor) contact the Cross-stitch Committee with suggestions and requests. The committee considers the needs described and the requests made, selects a range of home and foreign projects to sponsor, and sets a monetary goal for the year.