• 2020-2021 Cross-stitch Goals

Cross-stitch will continue with the goals of caring for the children in India and in Peru. They are counting on us. We want to also continue providing assistance to the women in India so they can continue to get educated and support theirselves.  Finally, a new cross-cultural mission has begun in Lombard, IL . This mission will be reaching our Arabic neighbors on the Chicago area.


1 .    “Food for Fuel” the program to help meet the nutritional needs of the orphans in our Indian orphanages: $20,000.

2.    Provide for our “jungle schools” in Peru, so that the children can continue coming our schools and having their lunch provided: $5,000

3.    Help Karim Yaghlegi and his newly started Arabic mission efforts: $5,000

4.    Education is the key to lifting women out of poverty. To this end we help in the Lutheran Mission of Salvation – India with scholarship money for women $5000