• 2021-2022 Cross-stitch Goals

Cross-stitch will continue with the goals of caring for the children in the orphanges and in Peru. They are counting on us. We want to also continue providing assistance to young  women who have outgrown the orphanage system so they can continue to get educated and support theirselves.  ——

    1. Food and clothing for the orphans = $20,000
    2. Food for the jungle schools in Peru = $5,000
    3. Nursing and vocational scholarships for older orphans (8 students are receiving this now) = $5,000
    4. Home Mission’s money going toward the building project of Divine Mercy, Hudson, Texas = $5,000

Totaling $35,000

Along with our regular gifts to missions we supported in 2020, Cross-stitch was able to also to support these additional mission projects this past year. To God Be The Glory!

    1. Expenses for books for John Groth in Chile who is studying online for the ministry = $2,500
    2. Help toward a theological library for the men in the seminary in Asia = $5000
    3. Help toward the Latvian project to set up an academic outreach center in the old town section of Riga. Needs include: computers, equipment, furniture, resources, etc. = $9,000
    4. To help those suffering from flooding in the Asia and Covid needs in many countries = $2,500
    5. David Cho currently is the Vicar in California. It is hoped that he will be able to go back to China and spread the gospel there when he graduates. This will cost about $46,000 and is budgeted through the BWO. Cross-Stitch will give $4000 toward this project.