2018 Cross-stitch Projects

Your generous gifts to Cross-stitch
supported the following projects in 2018.  

Indian Orphans in the Uniforms Cross-stitch provides each year.

Chancel Furnishings purchased by your donations to Cross-stitch.

You helped feed the students at the Amazon Jungle High School in Louis Terry

3/6/2018-India – Pastor Watson’s roof repair-$900.00
3/6/2018-India – St. John, a structure for seminary students-$3,000.00
3/6/2018-India – Good Shepherd basement repair-$6,500.00
3/16/2018-Leander, TX – Hope channel furniture-$7,500.00
8/01/2018-India – Orphan support-$5,000.00
11/02/2018-India – Orphan support-$10.000.00
12/03/2018-India – Orphan-Fuel For Faith Protein-$5,000.00
12/31/2018-Peru – Food for the jungle schools-$3,500.00
12/31/2018-Farmington, MN – Hope landscaping-$5,000.00

To God be the glory.