Cross-stitch-The Network Aiding ELS Home and Foreign Missions
More than ever we must be willing to share the Gospel of Christ with all people, the wounded world. We have orphanages that need our help with the basic necessities of life. Things we take for granted. Food, Clothing, and Shelter. There are students at our jungle schools who need to be fed. Please remember the children in our synod in your prayers and with your gifts. The Fuel for Food program remains essential. Cross-stitch is working behind the scenes to gather information to know the needs of our missions. “Lord, and I will be healed. Save me, and I will be saved.” Jeremiah 17:14

Jelly Beans on a Mission

Thank you Bethany Lutheran, Port Orchard, Washington for sharing one way you raise funds for Cross-stitch mission projects. Such a fun and tasty way to assist in mission work.