Traveling Quilt Fundraiser

This is a well-traveled idea that helped raise funds for mission projects.

The idea was to sew a quilt with squares that are like pockets, the person (s) with the quilt, put money in a pocket, sew it shut and pass it on. The quilts are sent with a needle, thread and a list of the ladies in the church (we included all ladies, not just the ones in the ladies group). When you received the bag, you remove the quilt, of course, fill a pocket, sew the pocket shut, cross out your name and pass it on to someone else on the list. Each quilt has its own list of names, so no one should get it twice or be missed. When all pockets were filled, or it as gone around to all the ladies. The money is counted and given to the selected project.

This can be done within a congregation or sent out to different congregations in your circuit.

Downloadable Invitation Cards …

Front of Invitation

Inside of Invitation

Made with Love/Faith-Carthage, MO

The Women at Faith Lutheran wanted to help the Bible Women in India. They organized materials and then got together to sew and crochet numerous items to sell at this year’s Synod Convention. Such items included fleece blankets with a crocheted edge, cell phone stands, and some notepads. Once the evening events were over, a group from Circuit 1 (Florida) volunteered to take some of the unsold items back with them to sell at their Mission Rally in the fall. Hearing of that effort, members of Circuit 9 (So. Minnesota) took the other half of unsold items to sell at their Rally in October.

Display table

Three women came to the convention to represent their congregation.

Women at Faith working on the craft items to sell.

Grace Lutheran-Fundraiser for “Fuel for Faith”

One of our Home Missions, Grace Lutheran, in Lincoln, Illinois, had a Bake/Plant Sale for the “Food for Fuel” program. Money was raised to help provide extra protein for the children in our LMSI Orphan homes. Note the Chicken and egg cartons in the photos above. Those were displayed to emphasize the extra protein now being provided, due to the donations received for this project from our ELS congregations.

Thank you Grace Lutheran!